Quality control certificate or calibration report?

The quality control certificate and the calibration report show noticeable differences.

Quality control certificate

The main goal of the quality control in mass production (both industrial and craft) is to verify the right functions of an instrument according to the functional and performance conditions of the datasheet.

The producer carries out some tests, measurements, assessments and inspections finalise to declare the product’s conformity accordingly the datasheet.

This test is a quality control activity freely provided from the manufacturer to the customer.


Certificato di controllo, collaudo, conformità

Calibration report


ACCREDIA calibration certificate

It is a document issued only by a calibration laboratory licensed by ACCREDIA.

This document is officially recognize both in Italy and in all the European countries adhering to EA (European Cooperation for Accreditation).

An ACCREDIA calibration certificate testifies that an instrument has been calibrated accordingly to procedures mutually acknowledged by the primary institutes of competence.

ACCREDIA certificates relieve their holder by any obligation to demonstrate that the calibrations have been performed as provided by the reference standards.

This kind of certificates according to the quality System standard for metrological laboratory (see UNI CEI ED ISO/IEC 17025) and to procedure approved by ACCREDIA.

Instruments and samples certified ACCREDIA are usually employed as “primary reference standards” (e.g. gauge blocks) in order to calibrate and control other equipment.




Using instruments that are not properly calibrated during inspection may result in false information that may lead to keep a malfunctioning lift in operation. 

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Laboratory test report with reference to national acknowledged samples (LTR)

It’s a document edited by metrological laboratories, thanks to which the reference to national acknowledged samples is ensured, without being licensed by the institution in charge responsible


This type of documents is, generally, required to perform internal controls on measurements on field (e.g. pressure switches, multimeters, temperature meters, pressure gauges, calipers, dial

indicators, micro meters etc.)

The technical validity of these documents is based on the laboratory’s qualification, on the operator’s expertise and by the metrological procedures employed.





The customer can expressly require ACCREDIA Certificates and calibration report as paid services, differently from the quality control certificates.

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