Don’t Miss Out: 4 success stories in 2022

Don't Miss Out: 4 success stories

In 2022, many of our customers achieved great success.  In this article, we want to share a selction of their success stories.  So read on and see how they are all linked by a common thread:  focus on quality control!

Quality control in Oil & Gas

Quality control in Oil & Gas is a very important process that ensures safety and efficiency in oil and gas production and transport.  Our first success story comes from Inox Tech Spa, a company that produces welded pipes (SAWL) using welding technologies that guarantee high quality and resistance to corrosion.

They produce pipes in various sizes and thicknesses to meet each customer’s needs.

Quality control in Oil & Gas includes the use of advanced technologies to ensure the quality of materials and equipment used in the oil and gas industry. This may include visual and dimensional inspections, as well as inpections related to performance, strength  and non-destructive testing.

SAMA Tools supplies Inox Tech with high quality control and measuring tools, such as carbon fiber digital calipers, portable surface roughness testers, precision ultrasonic thickness gauges, through coating ultrasonic thickness gauges (software included) and LED industrial viewers.

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Pipe manufacturing Inox Tech Spa

Quality control in the resale of paints

Let’s move on to another success story, our Romanian customer Benjamin Paints.  They have chosen our SAMA Tools name-brand color assessment cabinet to verify the paint colors they sell, especially during their collaboration with the US manufacturer, Benjamin Moore.

Color assessment cabinets are often used in the paint industry to ensure that the colors produced are accurate and repeatable. The color assessment cabinet is designed to create a uniformly lit environment, eliminating variations in light color and intensity that can affect the perception of the color of objects.

Tests performed with the color assessment cabinet are not limited to paint manufacturers only. Even resellers can use this tool to verify if their products conform to their customers’ needs. For example, a paint retailer might use a color assessment cabinet to make sure that the paint samples supplied by manufacturers, perfectly match the color requested by the customer. This way, the retailer can ensure that the products it sells are accurate and meet the desired expectations.

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Case study Benjamin Paints

Quality control in sheet metal production

Our third example from 2022 is another success story, Dukometal SA.  The company is located in Switzerland and is specialized in the production of stainless steel sheets and also offers a powder coating service called “Thermopowdering”.

It’s clear that this particular service provides an even higher level of quality.

Dukometal SA’s powder coating is a type of thermosetting powder coating typically applied by electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) and then cured under heat.  This surface finish provides some advantages over other types of coating, such as greater resistance to corrosion and wear, excellent adhesion to the substrate surface and good resistance to light and weathering.

In addition, powder coating is also considered to be more sustainable than other finishing methods, as it uses fewer solvents and produces less waste.

When it comes to quality control of these types of coatings, it is important to consider several aspects. It is necessary to thoroughly test the coating for crack resistance and stripping performance. This can be done with a cylindrical mandrel tester in compliance with standards ISO1519 / ASTM D522 / DIN53152. Moreover, it is vital to check the adhesion of the coating to ensure that the metal is not exposed due to peeling, therefore a cross hatch adhesion tester is recommended.  It is also important to check the coating thickness with a coating thickness tester to guarantee the uniformity of the coating.

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sama dukometal instruments

Quality control of the environment, health and safety and of the product

Our final success story brings us back to Italy with our client Ecol Studio Spa, who depends on S.A.M.A. Italia for the calibration of  it’s measuring instruments.  Guido Fornari, founder of the company and author of the 2019 book “Azienda, no problem”, knows the importance of choosing strategic partners that allow one to carry out their business in the best way possible.

Based on these premises, Ecol Studio has chosen S.A.M.A. Italia as a strategic partner for the purchase and calibration of measuring instruments since 2014.  The calibration and maintenance of Ecol instruments are performed in accordance with the reference technical standards and the recommendations of the control body (Accredia accredited tests).  This way, Ecol Studio can guarantee the maximum accuracy and reliability of its instruments.

Ecol Studio works with companies with ACCREDIA accredited analysis laboratories and is dedicated to various areas, such as accident and occupational disease prevention in the workplace and compliance with law and risk assessment for the production activity. It also helps companies comply with environmental regulations and improve their green and energy performance, offering reliable solutions and tests to create products and implement processes that comply with the required standards.

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Ecol Studio: A success story

In the photo: Guido Fornari’s book with SAMA Tools pamphlet

In conclusion, 2022 has been a very successful year for our customers.  They’ve been successful in their respective fields while using our quality control measuring tools.

We presented four success stories, covering a wide range of industries, from Oil & Gas to paint retail, sheet metal fabrication, environmental, health and safety and product quality control.

All of these clients have found value in using our instruments and have achieved positive results in their respective fields.

We hope these stories inspire other companies to use our measuring and control tools to achieve equally positive results.

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