Quality Control in the Hazelnut Production: Sarilar Case Study

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There is more to it than sorting for quality control in hazelnut production.

An important aspect is making sure the highest quality is obtained by checking moisture levels.

Maintaining a constant moisture level in the production of hazelnuts,  helps to ensure that the product is neither too wet nor too dry.

This is the only way to ensure a delicious tasting product!

Therefore, the producer can  provide a high-quality product while being highly profitable, and the food processing industries will be able to obtain hazelnuts with adequate properties to make delicious end products.

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How is controlling the levels of moisture in the hazelnut production possible?

There are different things a producer must do to achieve and maintain those desired levels of moisture.

A common practice among hazelnut producers is to have a quality control lab where the levels of moisture are measured by means of a moisture meter, more specifically a grain moisture meter like our SA7825G model.

Measuring moisture accurately allows the producer to determine the relative humidity (RH) in percentage values. These values can then be compared with the quality standards to make sure the product has the desired moisture level.

quality control hazelnuts Sarilar Moisture control with Sarilar

Sarilar Dis Tic Ltd Sti is a Turkish company devoted to providing their customers with the highest quality hazelnuts.

To accomplish their mission, they have evolved from a simple unprocessed hazelnut trading business into a high-tech processed hazelnut manufacturer. Their current factory is capable of selecting, calibrating and cracking the nuts without any human hands involved.

Some of the staff from the  SAMA Tools Group visited the factory to see the whole production process first-hand. Emre Sari, our contact within the company, proudly gave us a tour to show us how they work.

Their facilities are obviously equiped with a quality control lab. In their lab, they take check their hazelnuts with sizes ranging from 9 – 11 mm., 11 – 13 mm., and 13 – 15 mm.

To guarantee high quality hazelnuts they rely on our SA7825G grain moisture meter .

Besides trusting SAMA Tools instruments to control the moisture and quality of their hazelnuts, Sarilar has taken the role of a supplier, providing SA7825G grain moisture meters to their customers so they can use them to check the quality of their final products.

5 benefits of monitoring the humidity in hazelnut production.

quality control hazelnut Sarilar Turkey

At this point, it is clear that controlling the level of moisture of the hazelnuts is significantly important for the quality of the product.

Now, the question is how is the quality of a hazelnut affected by having the wrong moisture levels. And this can be easily explained by the following benefits that are also obtained when the levels are controlled:

  • Bacteria and other sanity issues are avoided.
  • Reduced waste.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Downtime reduction.
  • Quality certified product.

Therefore, we can conclude that having the wrong moisture levels would make Sarilar and its customers less efficient and less profitable while having a product with a lower quality. This could also result in a reduced competitiveness and possible loss of reputation, hence the importance of having accurate moisture measures.

SAMA Tools Grain Moisture Meter: The solution

Saralir has chosen our grain moisture meter, the SA7825G model, because it offers them and its customers the possibility to perform a non-destructive test to measure the relative humidity on hazelnuts.

The instrument, however, is able to determine relative humidity on many other grains including rice, coffee, cocoa, linseed, peas, semolina, barley, clover, grain, flour, beans, wheat and sunflower seed.

This makes it a great solution for the customers in the food industry who process different raw materials.

In addition, the test complies with the highest standards, having the following characteristics:

  • Simplicity – this test does not require the operator to have a lot of experience. Almost anyone can perform it.
  • High accuracy – the difference between a hazelnut cracking because it is too dry or containing to much water is very small.
  • Verifiability – as it can be calibrated and compared to any standard.

Regarding the final characteristic, we provide a calibration service which includes laboratory test reports and/or ACCREDIA calibration certificates for our own instruments or equipment already possessed by our customers.

You can learn more about this service by clicking here.

Grain moisture Meter - SA7825G

Final thoughts

Apart from moisture meters, we offer a wide variety of non-destructive testing tools for different purposes.

Because our mission is to support our customers in their quality control activities, we strive to provide them with the best solutions to cover their needs.

Sarilar is a good example that customer’s satisfaction is our main goal, and we would be more than happy to see you becoming one of them.

So, if you need help with moisture measure and control, or would like advice on the best instrument for your specific case, do not hesitate to contact our technical department.

You can call us at 0584/392342 – 0584/392453 or write at sales@samatools.it