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Quality Control of the coating on Commercial Vessels and Mega Yachts

The quality control (QC) of the coating on commercial vessels and mega yachts is a very important process to ensure that both desired aesthetics and performance are achieved.

In fact, this is true for the entire marine sector, including new constructions and refits of ships, yachts, offshore structures and accessories.

Obviously, coatings are very important for commercial vessels and mega yachts since they are exposed to a very corrosive environment. So, maintaining the highest performance level is essential for the integrity of the vessel, along with its aesthetics.

How is the quality control of coatings performed?

There is a very important preparation and painting process before a commercial vessel or a mega yacht is ready to set sail, and it includes a quality control step.
The quality control of the coating on commercial vessels and mega yachts involves the measurement of paint thickness applied. This thickness can be measured both dry (DFT) and wet (WFT).

Dry coating thickness measurement is performed during quality control and maintenance inspections. On the other hand, wet coating thickness measurement can be performed during the preparation and painting process since it does not require the coating to be completely dry as the name suggests.

The most common coating thickness measurement instruments are coating thickness gauges. They are used to measure dry layers applied on a metal substrate, such as paint and plastic layers. A good example of these instruments are the high accuracy digital coating thickness gauges.

Coating thickness gauges work on both ferrous (magnetic) and non-ferrous (non-magnetic) metal parts. Depending on the material, the instruments will use either the Magnetic Induction or the Eddy Current measuring principle.

However, for wet coating thickness measurement, different types of gauges are used, which include the comb-shaped thickness gauges and the rolling wheel wet film thickness gauges.

Thickness gauges for thickness measurement of paint applied.

In the picture above SA8850, SAWF and SAWFR

Quality control at MCR Marine

MCR Marine Srl is a company which is formed by a group of professionals who specialize in the coating and painting industry, and provide technical support before, during and after preparation and painting on commercial vessels and mega yachts.

The service they offer not only covers the painting of the vessel, but also the preparation and coating of accessories. In addition to the sectors mentioned above, MCR Marine is able to provide assistance to the entire marine sector.

MCR Marine Srl provides two main ways to guarantee the quality of their services:
• Certified Inspectors by the major world bodies: Frosio, Nace, RMCI.
• Quality control tools and instruments properly calibrated according to the highest standards.

How calibrating quality control instruments helps MCR Marine Srl?

As we mentioned above, MCR Marine Srl prepares and paints commercial vessels and mega yachts.

Quality control is essential in their activities.

By using the right tools for the verification and evaluation of different activities such as material hardness and coating or painting thickness, they can guarantee high-quality results to their customers.

However, as with any other tool or instrument, measuring instruments need to be periodically calibrated to ensure the values obtained are really accurate.

If quality control is performed with measuring instruments that are not calibrated, the operator might make mistakes, such as requesting extra coating which can result in delivery delays or even worse, sending vessels to the customer with deficient coating which may result in premature failure.
So, how do the experts of MCR Marine make sure their tools and instruments are properly calibrated to match their high-quality standards?

quality control

Above: Photos of a Quality Control Department (

SAMA Tools calibrating services: The best option

Apart from counting on SAMA Tools as the provider of their tools and instruments for the quality control for the preparation and painting process of the commercial vessels and mega yachts, MCR Marine periodically sends their instruments to our headquarters for calibration.

Shore analog hardness testers – SA6410

In the picture aboce Shore analog hardness testers – SA6410

One of the instruments, we calibrate for them is the shore analog hardness testers – SA6410 a non-destructive instrument used to measure hardness of parts made of rubber, plastic, stucco, sponges and similar materials. Other tools and instruments, we calibrate for MCR Marine Srl are coating thickness measurement instruments.
MCR Marine relies on our calibration services because we help them comply with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standards.

Moreover, in case the adjustment of the instrument is required to fulfill calibration requirements, we offer such adjustments, as a specialized separate service to guarantee their needs are covered.

Through this specialized service, the experts at MCR Marine have always been able to guarantee above satisfactory results to their customers. Working closely together has allowed us to develop a strong relationship that we are looking forward to maintain for a long time.

In the video above: High accuracy digital coating thickness gauges – SA8850

Now it’s up to you!

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So, if you need help with calibration, or would like advice on the best instrument for your specific case, do not hesitate to contact our technical department.

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