What is a Gauge block?

The Gauge block consists in a parallelepiped, which works to obtain two opposing parallel faces, spaced apart by a precise altitude (nominal thickness).
These Gauge blocks are also called Johansson blocks, in honour of the Swedish Carl Edvard Johansson, who certified them.


The beginning of modern industry

Even if the inventor’s history is not well known, his gauge blocks created the modern industry, making the present day mass production possible.

Around 1890, he started to work in the Carl Gustafs Stads’ rifles factory in Eskilstuna, where he became Chief Inspector.

His main task was to verify different metrological instruments employed in weapons manufacture, which was the first mass production of that time.

The weapons manufacture requires a great precision, so that each part should have the same sizes.

In 1897 Johansson created his first gauge blocks’ set, but his fight to obtain the Swedish patent lasted up until 1904, while the English one was obtained two years before.

In 1903 his invention received a silver during an exposition in Paris.

In 1923 he moved on the USA being taken by Henry Ford, the car’s inventor.

In the lobby of Ford’s firm there was a glass furniture with a British Encyclopaedia together with a Johansson’s gauge blocks set.

Both were very significant in Ford’s opinion, so he trusted CE Johansson a lot.


Source: https://www.tekniskamuseet.se/en/learn-more/swedish-inventors/carl-edvard-johansson/


Johnson’s gauge blocks box

Gauge blocks are rarely used alone, they are usually bought and used in series with several pieces.


Kit shows different size blocks, creating several calipers throughout arithmetical combinations.

Johnson’s ACCREDIA gauge blocks

SAMA tools’ gauge blocks are made up of particular steel and are employed as “primary reference standards” in order to calibrate and control other blocks, other equipment or to check working operations.


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