Customers’ buying experience

The success of a company no longer depends only on its products and services (although they clearly remain important aspects), but also on how customers “experience” them before, during and after the purchase.

The customer asks us to keep attention to details.  To focus only on product’s excellence, in a market with an innovation capacity never seen before, it is not a competitive direction.

Customer satisfaction survey

For years, we have been asking our customers how they “live” the buying experience with us, including in each shipment a customer satisfaction survey.



It is hard enough being in line with customers’ expectations, much less how to get over them!

We assume that customers are no longer satisfied; indeed, they are increasingly demanding and expect a quick and efficient service.

That is why we have to start out from the client point of view and make an effort to put yourself in his shoes.

This is the only way to understand their explicit and latent needs.

It ‘a great deal of empathy, but it is the only way to offer what customer is actually looking for and not what is supposed to want.

All of us, as customers, know that the gap between expectations and perceived quality is still too high.

The important values for customers

In the book “Vendere con il servizio clienti”, Paolo Fabrizio (customer service expert), reminds us what are the widespread values in which most of us identify.

  • Speed
    Ability to respond quickly, saving time and efforts to the customer;
  • Performance
    To give clear and complete answers to prevent misunderstandings;
  • Clearness
    In case of disservice, do not hide responsibilities, but admit the mistake and apologize;
  • Reliability
    In case of problems, we have to guide the customer, assisting him until the resolution.

Year 2019: S.A.M.A. Italia customer satisfaction results

Results of surveys completed in 2019, (is yours one of these?) indicate that we 100% achieved customers’ expectations in all aspects (7 questions) and, in some, we even exceeded them.

The results were good already in 2018, but 2019 marked a growth. We are very proud of that!

For what, specifically, have we exceeded expectations of our customers? (They could even score multiple answers)

56.10%  –  for quality and professionalism of our answers.
63.41%  –  for friendliness and helpfulness of the staff.
48.78%  –  were amazed of order processing speed.
34.15%  –  for how we introduced ourselves and the clarity of documents.

According to our customers, these are four good reasons to choose SAMA Tools for measuring and control instruments, and for instruments calibration service.



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