Charts for testing coating materials – SACH11

Test charts are employed to check in a very easy way a variety of coating properties, such as opacity, spreading rate, flow and levelling behaviour. They are used for testing architectural, industrial, automotive, wood finishes or even cosmetic products. Depending on the material properties of tested product and its usage, different types of drawdown cards are available.

Clear-coated Charts:
– Perfect for a wide range of coating systems: water and solvent borne technologies.
– Guaranteed non-fluorescent paper in compliance with ASTM D 344.
– Repeatable colour and gloss-lot after lot.
– Superior adhesion characteristics, especially with latex paints.
– Rugged design (0.5 mm thickness) to prevent warping and bending after coating application.
– Lot number is printed on every chart.
Film Laminated Charts :
– With excellent solvent resistance.
– Repeatable colour and gloss-lot after lot.
– Smooth, structure free surface.
– Superior adhesion properties and flexibility.
– With 0.5 mm thickness.
– Double film laminated will not warp and bend-even in high humidity environments.

Opacity Charts:
– Composed of a simple combination of black and white areas. The reflectance of black area less to 1
– Reflectance of white area 80±2.
– With ample for reflectance measurement.
– With the lot number printed on every chart.
Checkerboard Charts / Spreading Rate Charts :
Large size drawdown charts, referred to as display or spreading rate charts, were designed for visual evaluation of hiding powder. The diagonal striped patterns or the checkerboard respectively have a strong visual impact and emphasize variations in film opacity.
In order to calculate the spreading rate ASTM D 344 uses Forms 8H and 10H. In this test, the paint is spread uniformly on a defined test area (0.1 square meters) and the spreading rate is calculated from the weight and density of the applied coating.

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