Statistical coating thickness gauges – SA8827 / SAX8827-E4FN

This model of thickness gauge is used to measure coating thickness over metallic bases. In F mode, it detects insulating (enamel/paint etc.) and non-ferromagnetic (aluminium/zinc etc.) coatings over ferromagnetic subastrates. In NF mode, it detects insulating (enamel/ paint etc.) coatings over non-ferromagnetic subastrates. It is the perfect choice for quality control activities and any other industrial field where it’s needed to test coatings (electrolytic treatments, painting, automotive, maritime, construction, etc.). The instrument can also be used to measure the thickness of plastic film. Equipped with a single probe, both for the F and NF modes, it allows to measure in very small spaces. Thanks to statistics and memories function, the user can easily download the values and create a test report.

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