Vickers hardness tester – SAHV

Low-load Vickers hardness tester is used for hardness testing of small and high precision parts, hardened surface layers and the effective hardened layers depth, coating surface. Micro Vickers hardness testing is mainly used in metal science and metallographic studies to very tiny parts. Test is performed by applying low loads on a pyramidal Vickers indenter. Trough checking and measure of rhombus diagonals left after test, by microscope, the HV value is defined by a simple calculation. A properly sample preparation is an essential procedure to ensure proper measurement. Vickers Hardness Testers are available in two main models with manual or automatic readings.
Manual Model: the measurement of the diagonals of mark is performed by optical collimation, then the resulting average is compared with the reference tables.
Automatic Model: the mark is performed by optical collimation, then the hardness measurement is read directly on the display.

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