Calibrating ultrasonic thickness gauges: The calibration report

The calibration report of ultrasonic thickness gauges

The calibration report for ultrasonic thickness gauges includes traceability to primary standards and describes the process used to calibrate the instrument, as well as the calibration values obtained using primary reference standards.

This process involves measuring the known thickness of a standard primary sample using the ultrasonic thickness gauge, and then comparing the measured value with the known value of the primary sample.

Then helps determine if there are any deviations or discrepancies and whether the instrument needs adjusting.

This is why, it’s important to clarify that calibration is like a photograph of the instrument in its current state. Therefore, any adjustments that are required are part of a different and optional service, to be requested separately.

What information does a thickness gauge calibration report include?

The calibration report with traceability to primary standards includes the following information:

  1. recipient/addressee of the calibration report;
  2. instrument ID and specifications;
  3. technical procedure used for calibration;
  4. primary standards used for traceability;
  5. values measured by the instrument;
  6. deviation between known and measured values;
  7. calibration date (calibration expiry date is also available upon request).

The calibration report serves as proof that the instrument has been calibrated and helps ensure that it is reliable when it comes to measuring thickness.

How long does it take to receive a calibration report?

The time required to receive the calibration report for ultrasonic thickness gauges can vary, depending on several factors such as the availability of specialized technicians, the quantity of instruments to be calibrated, the complexity of the instruments, etc. However, in general, the time required to obtain the calibration report for ultrasonic thickness gauges can be estimated between 1 and 3 business days.

Calibration report

Calibration Report vs. ACCREDIA Calibration Certificate: The differences that not everyone knows

As we have already seen in previous articles, the calibration report with traceability to primary standards differs from the ACCREDIA calibration certificate.

The time and cost for an ACCREDIA calibration certificate are also greater than those for a calibration report.

The customer must therefore decide which of the two documents is more suitable for his/her needs, based on, for example the specific applications of the measuring instrument. If the instrument is used for critical applications which require a high level of accuracy and official calibration recognition , then it may be necessary to request an ACCREDIA calibration certificate. However, if the instrument is used in less critical applications or for internal company use, a calibration report with traceability to primary standards may be sufficient.

To learn more about the differences, please read the article:  Quality control certificate or calibration report?

Why rely on S.A.M.A. Italia for calibration services?

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S.A.M.A. Italia is a member of UNI, the Italian Association for Standardization. This allows us to have access to the technical reference standards and to stay constantly updated on news relating to our sector.

We can therefore offer customers a highly professional service, based on technical standards and best operating practices.

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