The spectrophometer is an instrument that performs a full spectrographic analysis of the color covering the whole wavelength, while verifying the spectral curves and the metamerism.

The spectrophotometer: spectral curves and metamerism

Spectral color curves are graphs that show the amount of light of each wavelength (or frequency) emitted or reflected by an object or light source. In other words, they show how an object or light source transmits or reflects different wavelengths of light of the visible spectrum. They are used in color science to describe the properties of a color and to make comparisons between different colors.

In colorimetry, metamerism is the phenomenon whereby two or more colors appear similar to the naked eye, but actually have different color compositions. This happens because our visual system has difficulty distinguishing between different wavelengths of light, and therefore colors that look similar to us can actually be very chromatically different. This can be a problem in some applications, such as printing, where accurate and consistent colors are important.

Two objects that are equally illuminated, can have the same color under a specific light source, but a different color under another one.

Therefore, two objects of the same color, but produced at different times and with non-identical products, can reflect light in different ways.

Why use spectrophotometers?

That is why the spectrophotometer is ideal, because it uses the principle of spectroscopic combination and separates light according to a certain wavelength range, to acquire and evaluate color data.

Where is it used?

The spectrophotometer is used in a wide range of manufacturing industries.  Here are some examples:

Textiles: to check the color accuracy of fabrics and upholstery.
Cosmetics: to verify the color accuracy of products such as make-up and perfumes.
Food: to verify the color accuracy of products such as coffee.
Household Products: to check the color accuracy of products such as paint and detergents.
Pharmaceutical: to check the color accuracy of pills and capsules.
Advertising Materials: to verify the color accuracy of print and promotional materials.
Construction: to check the color accuracy of products such as paint and concrete.

Product design: to verify the color accuracy of products such as furniture and accessories.

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Why purchase the SAMA Tools name-brand spectrophotometer?

As we have seen, the spectrophotometer is an advanced tool used to measure and analyze visible light.

It can measure the brightness, color and intensity of light, as well as analyze the spectral characteristics in the different areas of the visible spectrum.

In addition, this instrument is equipped with high-quality color management software, capable of analyzing the collected data and providing detailed information on color composition and it’s characteristics.


Thanks to this software, the spectrophotometer can be used in many fields, such as dye analysis, pigment production, and fabric production, as well as in food product analysis, printing,  building material manufacturing and skin care products.





There are other reasons to purchase the SAMA Tools spectrophotometer:

Quality:  It has been designed using only the highest quality components, ensuring accurate and precise color measurement.

Functionality: The SAMA Tools spectrophotometer offers a wide range of functions, including the possibility of performing color comparisons with reference samples and exporting measurement data via the software.

Easy to use: It has been designed to be easy to use, with an intuitive interface and a user’s guide included with the instrument.

Customer Support: All those who choose SAMA Tools instruments can depend on excellent customer support, with highly trained technicians who are ready to answer any questions or assist with any issues.

Price: It offers excellent value for your money.  Our prices are very competitive compared to other color spectrophotometers on the market.

How does our spectrophotometer work?

If you want to see how our spectrophotometer works, watch our mini tutorial video.

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