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Materials employed in various industrial sectors, such as automotive, marine, painting, and galvanic treatments, must prove resistant to atmospheric elements like sunlight, UV rays, rain, dew, and salt spray. Unfortunately, these elements have the potential to cause damage and deterioration over time, compromising the performance and visual appeal of products.

Therefore, to assess the durability and quality of materials exposed to these environmental conditions, accelerated aging tests (HALT: Highly Accelerated Life Test) are employed. These tests replicate the aging effects that typically unfold over months or years but compress them into a shorter timeframe of days or weeks. This approach provides valuable insights during both the design and product development phases, aiding in the selection of the most suitable materials, comparing products with competitors, and ensuring quality through production testing.

Today, we can choose from a wide range of accelerated aging tools, such as:

  • SA897 Climate Chamber for High-Low Temperature and Humidity:

This chamber replicates environmental conditions to assess the stability and performance of materials. It offers programmable control over temperature and humidity and finds primary applications in the automotive, pharmaceutical, textile, food, leather, and industrial sectors.


SA897 Climate Chamber for High-Low Temperature and Humidity

     Photo of SA897 Climate Chamber for High-Low Temperature and Humidity

  • SAXT865 XENON Accelerated Aging Tests

It is a chamber designed to simulate the damage caused by sunlight and weather conditions on materials. It utilizes a xenon lamp with an extended UV filter to reproduce the full spectrum of sunlight. Operators can conveniently set and monitor test parameters through a user-friendly touch-screen panel and USB interface.  The chamber is compact, user-friendly, and easy to maintain. It is suitable for testing the stability and performance of materials across various sectors.

  • SAXT860 XENON Accelerated Aging Tests

This model employs a xenon lamp with a daylight filter to accurately reproduce the complete spectrum of sunlight. Materials are positioned on a rotating sample holder, ensuring even irradiation. Test parameters can be easily set and monitored by the operator through a user-friendly touch-screen panel and USB interface. The chamber, designed for professional use, combines simple operation with easy maintenance.

  • SAUV856 UV Light Accelerated Aging Tests

This chamber simulates the effects of sunlight, humidity, and temperature on materials. It utilizes fluorescent UV lamps that can be either UVA or UVB depending on the desired simulation type. The sample undergoes test cycles with UV rays and condensation to assess aging-induced damage. This test is beneficial for industries such as paints, automotive, plastics, and wood.

  • SAUV852 Bench UV Light Accelerated Aging Tests Chamber

This chamber exposes materials to UV rays and natural environmental conditions and comes equipped with UV lamps that can be either UVA or UVB. The operator can set the time, temperature, and water misting parameters. To ensure test uniformity, materials are placed on a rotating sample holder.


SAUV852 Bench UV Light Accelerated Aging Test Chamber

 Photo of SAUV852 Bench UV Light Accelerated Aging Test Chamber

What can accelerated aging equipment help you do?

  • Replicate, in a few days or weeks, the authentic conditions of use that the products will have to face over time
  • Anticipate the level of degradation and durability of a product
  • Opt for the most suitable material based on the required performance and quality
  • Compare with competitor products through benchmarking and evaluate strengths and weaknesses
  • Test your products in production to ensure quality and compliance with regulations
  • Adhere to stringent safety standards and mitigate potential risks for users or the environment
  • Streamline production and maintenance costs, minimizing waste and frequent replacements
  • Innovate and devise new products to meet market demands and stay ahead of trends

 Where can you purchase accelerated aging equipment?

If you are interested in purchasing accelerated aging instruments, the models mentioned are manufactured by S.A.M.A. Italia, a company based in Tuscany and operating since 1994.


S.A.M.A. Italia Srl Staff

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If you’re interested in purchasing these items, you can call us at 0584/392342 or 392453 or send an email.

Furthermore, we at S.A.M.A. Italia offer calibration services on measuring instruments and are active on LinkedIn, where you can find further information and updates about our products and team.