Did you know that Direct Industry selected SAMA Tools as a quality brand for measuring instruments?

As we already mentioned in our article Measuring Instruments: 5 tips for a quality choice, our company operates in Italy but is also well structured to reach the international market.

The Direct Industry portal, an innovative international marketplace B2B for the industry, has been of great help to us.

Direct Industry has selected SAMA Tools as a quality brand, always supporting us. This is particularly useful when when travel was impossible because of the global pandemic.

Direct Industry: An important showcase for our measuring instruments all over the world

This channel, which is constantly updated, allows us to overcome physical distances every day, by allowing us to keep in touch with thousands of buyers who are looking for our measuring tools.

If you are one of them, you have surely noticed the simplicity in contacting us and the speed of our customized courteous replies. Each customer deserves personalized answers according to his or her different needs.

The instruments that SAMA Italia produces are numerous, but every market needs to be followed carefully and in a personalized way.

Sama Italia stand on Direct Industry

In photo: SAMA Italia stand on Direct Industry

Constant staff Export training

This is why, our staff is in constant training, to help deal with different aspects which are necessary in order to work efficently and ensure maximum serenity to foreign customers.

We are talking about customs, transport, taxes, etc.

It is clear that the sharp increase in relationships and sales that we are experiencing in the international market is the result of the synergy between trained and available staff, together with suppliers that can guarantee us a high quality standard, just like Direct Industry.

training courses at work

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The importance of feedback and customer relationships

Can high numbers be enough to be satisfied?
Not for SAMA Italia!

That’s why we listen to our customers in after-sales.

The opinion of those who have trusted us is fundamental and certainly the center of our modus operandi.

For both the Italian and foreign markets, our doors are always open to those who want to give us feedback regarding their purchase experience.

How was it dealing with us? Simple or complicated?
How did we deal with you? In a polite and professional way or could we do better?
Did the quality of our instruments meet your expectations?

These are some of tour customers opinions.

Our customer feedback

Continue reading to find out about a theme that we care a lot: customer satisfation. Read the feedback yourself on our Wall of Love.

Also for Direct Industry, buyer satisfaction is essential, so they assigned us a rating based on the feedback received.

SAMA Italia enjoys a 5/5 rating which makes us extremely satisfied but also always attentive in working day after day to maintain our top rating.

Customer's feedback

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Become a retailer of SAMA Tools brand

Are you a retailer interested in importing our brand of measuring instruments into your country?

You could be the right partner for us, helping to spread our brand which is already recognized in many countries and is synonymous with excellent quality/ price ratio, along with efficient technical assistance and service.

Click here and fill out the form to get in touch with us!

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