Quality control is  fundamental when manufacturing any product or component. Therefore, when it comes to testing the corrosion resistance of materials, a useful device is the SASMM539 Automatic Scribe Marks Machine for Corrosion Testing, by SAMA Tools.

Salt spray corrosion test

To carry out salt spray corrosion tests, it is necessary to prepare the sample with specific marks and incisions as indicated by the reference standard. These tests reproduce, accelerated  damage caused by atmospheric agents such as dew, salt, etc. Executed in the laboratory and in a short period of time, this test reproduces the weathering conditions that would generally take months or years.

On the other hand, scribe marks which are performed manually on samples lack consistency and repeatability , thereby affecting the test results and producing different outcomes.  Moreover, the manual preparation of multiple specimens can be time-consuming and costly.

Advantages of the automatic scribe marks machine

To overcome these challenges, it is necessary to implement an automated scribe marks machine. These machines ensure consistent tracking, streamline processes, and guarantee flawless edges thanks to their rotating tip.

As a result, the use of this automated machine brings significant benefits in terms of quality assurance and operational efficiency. It provides enhanced accuracy and reproducibility in its results, improves overall operational effectiveness, and promotes a work environment characterized by heightened safety and cleanliness.

[Video]  Automatic scribe marks machine for corrosion testing

A brief instructional video can be an excellent resource to gain an understanding of how to make the most of your automatic scribe marks machine.

We focus on on preparing samples for salt spray corrosion tests, illustrating how the machine’s automated features easily achieve the precise incisions required by the reference standard.

The following video highlights the machine’s effectiveness and the consistency of its incisionsIt allows you to fully understand how this device can enhance quality control, by guaranteeing precise, uniform scribe marks without defects along the edges.


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