Torque Wrench Test Stands

Torque Wrench Tests Stands

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In industrial and mechanical sectors, accuracy isn’t just about quality; it’s also a matter of safety.  That is why torque wrenches are crucial since they need to be calibrated correctly to operate at their best.  SAMA Tools provides top-notch solutions, with test stands specifically designed for torque wrenches. This article aims to introduce solutions that can strengthen and improve your quality control process.


SABTC Torque Wrench Test Stands

Engineered for precision and reliability, SABTC Torque Wrench Stands are versatile and used for calibrating torque wrenches of different sizes and measuring ranges. Their adaptability allows them to meet various operational needs, ensuring that each tool is calibrated for optimal performance.

Key features and benefits include Accuracy: a crucial factor in every sector for ensuring safety and reliability, and Versatility: suitable for different types of torque wrenches, addressing a variety of calibration requirements.


Precision control with Torque Testers

The efficiency of the SABTC test stand is further enhanced by installing specific torque testers, including the SABTEX models that are equipped with an external load cell and the SABTE line that features an integrated load cell. These components offer the flexibility to tailor the test stand to specific operational needs.

When deciding between the SAMA Tools SABTEX, and SABTE digital torque testers, the choice can be based on two primary factors: flexibility and compactness.

Both models offer advanced solutions for precision calibration, yet they distinguish themselves through unique features and applications, catering to a diverse range of operational requirements.



SABTEX: When You Need Flexibility.

Designed with an external load cell, the SABTEX digital torque testers are crafted for users seeking a high level of adaptability. This characteristic makes them especially well-suited for situations requiring calibration in diverse environments or on tools of varying sizes. Their flexibility in use and seamless integration with SABTC test stands make them an outstanding choice for laboratories or workshops that require a versatile solution capable of adjusting to a range of operational settings.

SABTE: The Compact Solution.

On the other hand, the SABTE digital torque testers are ideal for those seeking a more compact solution. With their integrated measuring cell, these tools provide an all-in-one approach that simplifies both usage and installation. Their compact design makes them especially suitable for laboratories with limited space or for users who favor a simpler and more space-efficient system, reducing the need for additional components.

To provide you with a closer and more detailed look at our SABTE Torque Wrench Test Stand, we’ve created a brief introductory video, highlighting its features, user-friendly interface, and various applications.  This video allows you to see firsthand how the test stand can integrate into your calibration processes smoothly, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

We encourage you to take a look and explore all the benefits that this tool can provide.


SAMA Tools Makes a Difference in Quality Control

Choosing a suitable test stand and pairing it with the right SABTEX or SABTE digital torque tester, depends on your specific calibration needs and the operational context. Beyond the technical features of our instruments, a key factor that sets SAMA Tools apart is our dedicated team.

Our expertise is a result of close collaboration with companies in various sectors.  But what truly makes us unique is our personal touch. Our team not only possesses advanced technical skills and experience but it also brings enthusiasm and positivity every day —essential qualities for overcoming challenges and building meaningful relationships with our clients.

This approach is evident in every product we design and the service we provide, aiming not only to improve the efficiency and precision of your processes but also to create a positive and constructive experience.

The feedback from our customers attests to the impact that the SAMA approach has on improving their quality standards.

At SAMA Tools, we believe that people make the difference. Every day, we go beyond just being suppliers – we strive to be reliable and proactive partners, offering solutions that precisely match your needs. Our team is fueled by passion and professionalism.

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