In the world of quality control, precision and accuracy are paramount.  As a leading supplier of measuring tools and calibration services, S.A.M.A. Italia proudly presents four success stories that highlight the importance of quality across various industrial sectors.

Quality control in Oil & Gas

Inox Tech Spa, that specializes in the production of welded tubes for the oil and gas industry, took on the challenge of ensuring maximum quality and corrosion resistance in its products.

Inox Tech elevated its quality control standards, achieving excellent results.

How did they do it?

They accomplished it by using state-or-the-art measuring instruments provided by S.A.M.A. Italia, such as the digital carbon fiber caliper, portable roughness tester, ultrasonic thickness gauge, ultrasonic thickness gauge through paint with included software, and industrial LED negatoscope.

Pipe manufacturing Inox Tech Spa

Quality control in the resale of paints


Benjamin Paints, a paint retailer in Romania, has selected our color assessment cabinet to ensure the precision of paint color consistency. This tool has proven crucial for verifying that products align with customer specifications, particularly in collaboration with the American manufacturer Benjamin Moore.

Color assessment cabinets are not exclusive to paint manufacturers; even retailers can employ this tool to validate product conformity for their customers. For example, a paint retailer could use a color assessment cabinet to verify that paint samples received from manufacturers precisely match the color specified by the customer. This approach allows the retailer to ensure that the products they offer are accurate and meet customer expectations.

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Case study Benjamin Paints


Quality control in sheet metal production

Our third example is Dukometal SA.  It’s a Swiss company that is specialized in the production of stainless steel sheets and also offers high quality powder coating services.

By using SAMA Tools measuring instruments for coating thickness and adhesion control, Dukometal guarantees a final product of superior quality.

When addressing these kinds of quality control of coatings, it is essential to consider various factors. Comprehensive testing of the acquired coating is necessary to evaluate its resistance to cracking and peeling, achievable through the use of a cylindrical mandrel tester in compliance with ISO1519/ASTM D522/DIN53152 reference standards.

Furthermore, it is essential to verify the coating’s adhesion to ensure that the metal is not exposed due to detachment. therefore a cross hatch adhesion tester is recommended.  It is also important to check the coating thickness with a coating thickness tester to ensure uniformity.

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sama dukometal instruments

Quality control of the environment, health and safety and of the product

Our final success story brings us back to Italy with our client Ecol Studio Spa, who depends on S.A.M.A. Italia for the calibration of  it’s measuring instruments.  Guido Fornari, founder of the company and author of the 2019 book “Azienda, no problem”, knows the importance of choosing strategic partners that allow one to carry out their business in the best way possible.

Based on these premises, Ecol Studio has chosen S.A.M.A. Italia as a strategic partner for the purchase and calibration of measuring instruments since 2014.  The calibration and maintenance of Ecol instruments are performed in accordance with the reference technical standards and the recommendations of the control body (Accredia accredited tests).  This way, Ecol Studio can guarantee the maximum accuracy and reliability of its instruments.

Ecol Studio works with companies with ACCREDIA accredited analysis laboratories and is dedicated to various areas, such as accident and occupational disease prevention in the workplace and compliance with law and risk assessment for the production activity. It also helps companies comply with environmental regulations and improve their green and energy performance, offering reliable solutions and tests to create products and implement processes that comply with the required standards.

The article Ecol Studio Spa:  A storybook tale!, goes more into detail.

Ecol Studio: A success story

In the photo: Guido Fornari’s book with SAMA Tools pamphlet

In conclusion, we presented four success stories, covering a wide range of industries, from Oil & Gas to paint retail, sheet metal production, environmental, health and safety and product quality control.

All of these clients have found value in using our instruments and have achieved positive results in their respective fields.

We hope these stories inspire other companies to use our measuring and control tools to achieve equally positive results.

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