Automatic Pull-Off Tester: Coating Adhesion Test

Automatic Pull-Off Tester: Coating Adhesion Test

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In the world of paints and coatings, achieving a strong bond with the underlying surface is crucial for ensuring long-term performance. This article introduces the SADPO500/A, a portable digital pull-off device with automated features, set to revolutionize the way we assess adhesion.

This instrument gauges a coating’s pull-off strength by measuring the tensile force it can withstand before detaching.

Instruments for evaluating coating adhesion

Numerous tools are available for assessing the adhesion of coatings. Here are a few examples:

Multifunctional Digital Coating Thickness Gauges:

Coating thickness gauges are employed to non-destructively measure the thickness of coatings on metallic substrates. They are ideal for quality control across various industries, including automotive, marine, and construction. These instruments can measure both insulating and non-ferromagnetic coatings.

Cross Hatch Tester

This SADT502 tool is used to evaluate the adhesion of various types of coatings through destructive testing but limited to a very small surface area. It utilizes a metal head with blades set at specific distances to measure the adhesion of coatings with different thicknesses. This tool is commonly employed alongside coating thickness gauges, hardness testers, glossmeters, and colour difference meters.

Digital Tensile Adhesion Tester [Video]

This tool, also known as Pull-off, measures the force required to pull a metal disk which is attached to coating materials using hydraulic pressure. Both the manual and the new automatic models are available.

These tools are easy to use, accurate, versatile and durable.

Features include a speed dial, data storage with date and time, and pressure display in various units.

The device is weatherproof and equipped with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery.

In the following videos, we will see two pull-off models.


Let’s begin with the video featuring the manual model.



Now, let’s move on to the automatic model, showcasing the innovations that make the process smoother.

Our Pull-off Featured in “Pitture e Vernici” Magazine

We are thrilled to announce our feature in the prestigious magazine “Pitture e Vernici”As a leader in the coatings and raw materials industry, they cover topics ranging from additives and polymers to manufacturing technologies and safety. Being recognized on a such global platform is a significant achievement for us.

To read the entire article dedicated to our pull-off technology, you can access the online edition by clicking on the red text above.

Features of the New SADPO500/A Automatic Digital Pull-off Model

EFFICIENT Portabile: Can be used anywhere.

Rechargeable Lithium Battery: No need for external power source.

Easy to Read: Results displayed directly on the LCD screen.

AUTOMATIC Electronic Regulation: The hydraulic pump is electronically controlled to maintain consistent and continuous pressure.

Built-in Memory: It stores crucial test data.

ACCURATE Professional Calibration: Each pressure system is calibrated with an accuracy of 1% [2].

High-Precision Sensors: They guarantee a resolution of 0.01 MPa.

INTELLIGENT Storage for Results: Stores all relevant data.

USB Interface: No additional software needed; the tester functions as a USB drive.

DURABLE Sturdy Design: Dust and shock-resistant, perfect for harsh environments. Weatherproof, sealed enclosure [1, 2].


In the world of paints and coatings, adhesion is crucial. The right tools can make the difference between a flawless job and one that requires touch-ups.

The SADPO500/A represents a breakthrough in adhesion measurement technology because it’s easy to use, precise and durabile. This innovation not only helps you work with confidence but also guarantees long-lasting results for your customers.

Whether you are in the automotive, nautical, or construction industry, the ability to evaluate adhesion is essential. With S.A.M.A. Italia, you have the ideal tools for your needs.

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