Upgrade your coating quality control with the SAMA Tools Impact Tester

Impact tester

The impact tester is a tool used to test the impact strength of a coating, i.e. forces that suddenly and violently act upon or hit the surface of an object.

What can the SAMA Tools impact tester do?

The SAMA Tools impact tester is a manually operated device which allows the operator to apply an impact load on the surface of the material to be tested.

It’s suitable for measurements on different types of coatings and finishes such as paints, water-based wood coatings, high viscosity plastic coatings, laminated coatings, etc.

The test result is then evaluated on the basis of the deformaty or cracking of the coating.

Our impact tester is ideal for assessing the resistance of a coating against external forces, such as those produced by objects falling onto the coated surface.

How does the test work? VIDEO

To proceed with the impact test, a sample is placed on a flat surface and then struck with a hammer that falls from above.

The degree of damage or cracking produced is then verified. This type of test is often used to evaluate the resistance of materials such as paints, resins, plastics, coated metals, compounds, coil and other coatings.   In particular, protective coatings are tested in order to verify the quality and resistance of the materials used.

The test methods include a pass/fail test (the test is done with a hammer relaesed at a certain drop height, with standardized parameters  to check whether the test result is in accordance to the standard or not) and a classification test (the height or characteristics of the hammer are slowly increased to measure the minimum quality and the height of fall when the coating layer breaks or the top peels off).

The impact test is particularly useful for evaluating the resistance of coatings to accidental damage, such as being walked on or struck by a heavy object. Additionally, this test can be used to verify the quality of coatings during production to ensure that the required resistance standards are met.

Watch the video below!

Impact tester video

Who is the impact tester for?

The SAMA Tools impact tester is used by companies that produce coatings where the impact strength of their products needs to be measured.  Specifically, this tool is used to determine the resistance to shock and impact force on enamels, powder coatings, resin coatings, and other types of coatings.

Furthermore, the SAMA Tools impact tester is also used by testing and certification laboratories to verify the compliance of products with safety and durability requirements. Other types of industries can also use this tool, such as construction, wind energy, pipe manufacturing, tool manufacturing, sporting goods manufacturing, and the packaging industry. Furthermore, it is also used in R&D laboratories to test the strength and durability of new materials or components.

Find out if you need an impact tester

There are several reasons why you may need to purchase an impact tester:

Quality Control: Impact testers are used to determine the durability and strength of coatings, while ensuring they meet specific standards and requirements. This is especially important in industries such as automotive, aerospace and construction where materials must be able to withstand harsh conditions.

Safety: Impact testers can help identify potential safety risks in products, such as toys or sports equipment, by simulating real-world impacting forces and measuring the results.

Research and Development: Impact force measuring instruments can be used to test new materials and design prototypes, allowing companies to optimize their products for strength and durability.

Legal Compliance: Many industries are required to meet specific safety and performance standards and these testers can help ensure that products meet these requirements.

Overall, impact meters are a valuable tool for ensuring the quality and safety of materials and products.

Impact tester

5 reasons to choose the SAMA Tools name-brand impact tester

There are several reasons to choose the SAMA Tools impact tester, let’s see 5 of them:

1 – Accuracy: The SAMA Tools impact tester has been designed to offer precise and reliable results, thus guaranteeing maximum precision in hardness tests.
2 – Easy to use: The SAMA Tools impact tester is easy to use and does not require any complex configuration, making the testing process much easier.
3 – Reliability: The SAMA Tools impact tester has been designed to last over time and is highly reliable.
4 – Post-sales assistance: SAMA Tools offers excellent post-sales assistance to ensure that users get the most out of their tool.
5 – Competitive price: The SAMA Tools impact tester is available at a competitive price, making it a convenient choice for companies looking for a high quality tool at an affordable price.
In conclusion, the SAMA Tools impact tester is the ideal tool for evaluating the impact strength of coatings.

In conclusion, we can say that with the impact tester:

An accurate measurement of the impact strength of the coatings is obtained;

One can compare the results of different coatings to determine which is the most resistant;

The quality of the coatings can be assessed and any defects or weaknesses identified;

It can be used to test coatings under various environmental and load conditions;

It can be used to evaluate the safety of coatings in emergency situations, such as accidental impacts, during transport or handling.

Furthermore, it’s easy to use which makes it accessible, even to those who have no particular experience in carrying out impact tests.

Our new video above shows, step by step, how the SAMA Tools impact tester works,  simple isn’t it?

If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re available to answer all your questions.