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Sandblasting, which is also known as abrasive blasting, is a process for surface finishing parts preparing a particular piece for the next painting phase, this way it remains completely clean. In this article we want to talk about the sandblasting rughness tester.

But first let’s see the effect sandblasting creates on the surface is similar to the one created by using sandpaper, but the result is more even and it is easier to apply on areas with corners and cavities.

How is sandblasting performed?

As the name suggests, sandblasting is performed with a machine that blows sand at high pressure over the surface being treated. The machine forces the particles of sand at high speed all over the surface, usually to create a smoother and cleaner surface.

Sandblasting machines are generally connected to an air compressor which provides the high-pressure air to move the sand through a handheld nozzle that the operator controls by pointing it to the area of the surface requiring the treatment.

Of course, depending on different parameters such as the type of material being treated, the type of sand used and the pressure applied, among others, the resulting surface roughness may vary.



Sandblasting at C&L Verniciatura

C&L Verniciatura is a company providing industrial painting services for more than 20 years. Along this time, they have gone through a series of improvements, evolving into a bigger and more sophisticated company currently established in Arezzo.

At their new headquarters, they have been able to expand their systems and the number of services provided, offering painting works on any kind of surface, including: iron, wood, glass, plastic, aluminum and tin, for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Among the many improvements, they have added to their process, we can find the preparation of the material with sandblasting.

This preparation before the painting process provides a series of benefits, including:

  • An easy way to clean the surface. It is possible to remove contaminants even from the hardest materials.
  • Removing contaminants from the surface improves adherence of the paint and other types of coatings.
  • It creates a protective layer that prevents rust from appearing on metal parts.
  • As an added benefit, this is an eco-friendly process.

Despite all these benefits from sandblasting, there is an important aspect that C&L Verniciatura needs to control in their process to make sure they obtain high-quality results for their customers. And this is the surface roughness.

finish paintingHow does surface roughness may affect C&L Verniciatura painting results?

Surface roughness refers to the irregularities called peaks and valleys that appear on the surface of a piece as a result of mechanical processes, like sandblasting.

The only way for C&L Verniciatura to provide high-quality results to their customers is making sure that the coating of paint is uniform covering all the peaks on the surface in order to avoid rust spots.

In addition, they need to make sure that those peaks are not too low, as this would result in reduce or even insufficient adhesion of the coating, leading to premature coating failure.

Delivering pieces that may develop rust spots or coating failure in a short period of time is something C&L Verniciatura will never accept, especially with the high-quality standards they have implemented along the years.

But, how can they measure and control something invisible to the eye as it is the surface roughness? Well, measuring and controlling it with a surface roughness tester.

SAMA Tools Sandblasting Surface Profile Gauge: The solution

As part of their expansion and improvement process, C&L Verniciatura decided to find a solution that would help them measure and control the surface roughness resulting from the sandblasting process. And they came to us.Surface roughness tester for sandblasting

We offer a wide variety of roughness measure and control instruments for different applications, including special tools for measuring and controlling surface roughness on sandblasted pieces and sandblasting roughness surface comparators.

After working closely with our consulting experts, the company opted for purchasing our sandblasting surface profile gauge, one of those we offer specifically for sandblasted pieces.

With this handheld digital profile tester, they are able to accurately measure the distance from the peak to the valley on the surface, thus controlling the roughness is appropriate to ensure the correct surface preparation and guarantee their customers the coating performance will be optimized.

With this powerful, yet simple to use tool, C&L Verniciatura has obtained more than satisfactory results, which has allowed us to develop a strong relationship we are looking forward to maintain for a long time.

Now it’s your turn

We strive to provide our customers with the best solution for their specific case.

As we have done it with C&L Verniciatura, our customer’s satisfaction is our goal, and we would be more than glad to welcome you aboard.

So, if you need help with roughness measure and control, or would like advice on the best instrument for your specific case, do not hesitate to contact our technical department.
You can call us at 0584/392342 – 0584/392453 or, alternatively, fill in the online form to contact us in writing, or book an appointment for a video meeting with us!


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    I want to smooth out my concrete driveway, but I’m not sure how to go about it. It makes sense that sandblasting would be a good idea for that. It’s interesting that it can end up making things way smoother.


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