Digital force gauge

Force Gauge is a measuring instrument used in mechanics to evaluate an applied force. Read on cause we are going to deepen the measurement of the weight force in traction and compression.

Moreover, thanks to G21 s.r.l. we will discover how this measuring instrument is used in a very particular sector, that of bone cements in orthopaedics.

What’s traction?

Traction is the stress to which a body, subject to a system of divergent forces, undergoes.

The principle of tensile breaking strength was discovered by Galileo Galilei and illustrated in the treatise “Discorsi e dimostrazioni matematiche intorno a due nuove scienze del 1638”.

What’s the compression?

In mechanics compression is one of the elementary mechanical stresses together with traction and bending. Compression is the stress to wich a body, subject to a system of convergent forces, undergoes.

Force Gauce for the measure weight force in traction and compression

Digital Force gauges with internal or external load, branded SAMA Tools, are widely employed to measure force in tension and compression and are able to operate over a range of 200.000 N.

These measuring instruments offer sensitivity and precision, are ideal for the most important needs and can be accompanied, on request, by the calibration report or ACCREDIA certified.


Force Gauge for bone cements

They are widely used in main industrial fields.

Today, we’d like to talk about the force gauge use in the bone cements field.

Bone cements are successfully employed to anchor hip prostheses, knee, shoulder, elbow, etc.

The role of our customer G21 S.r.l.

G21 S.r.l is a Modenese company that produces innovative solutions in the field of biomaterials and procedures for vertebral consolidation and restoration of joint functionality.

Since 2010 it operates according to a Quality System conforming to EN ISO 13485 “Quality Management Systems – requirements for regulatory purposes applicable to Medical Devices”.

G21 has a catalogue of products (including long-term implantable and Class III medical devices) of which it has full know-how and design technology, and
productive. Research and Development are conducted internally and in collaboration with important research institutions and universities at the international level.

The company focuses on high quality raw materials, absolute control of processes and suppliers and compliance with the most stringent international quality standards.

G21 relies mainly on us for the supply and calibration of tools for the control of breaking loads. Low traction forces in play require high precision instrumentation and repeatability, such as our digital Force Gauges.

We’re talking in particular about the SADFGE-P model that is characterized by load cells of such size that they cannot be integrated into the instrument body and sized to the loads they have to bear.

This tool uses a high-performance load cell that provides better accuracy, reducing the bottom-up error.

Do as G21 S.r.l. and get off to a good start with the measuring instruments, branded SAMA Tools!

Would you like more information or assistance?

If you are looking for information about a specific force gauce model, its calibration report or just want to know more, please contact our technical department.

You can call us at 0584/392342 – 0584/392453 or, alternatively, fill in the online form to contact us by email.


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